3D renders of the segmentation units have been developed and translated into downloadable colorful screensavers. The colors of the hippocampal screensavers denote the different segmentation units. It is also available a 3D version that can be appropriately visualized with 3D goggles, and another one featuring the flags of all project partners' countries. The screensavers have been developed by Simon Duchesne and Nicolas Robitaille at the Universite Laval and Centre de Recherche, Quebec City, Canada.

Download the screensavers

You can install the screensavers following these instructions:
1- Unzip the file "" on your desktop.
2- Move the created folder "ScreenSavers" in a convenient place on your hard drive. Note that Windows will execute the selected screensaver from this folder and not from any Windows system folder.
3- In the now-moved folder "ScreenSavers", select one of the three screensavers ("ScreenSaverHC(.scr)", "ScreenSaverInt(.scr)" or "ScreenSaver3D(.scr)"), right-click and select "Install". The selected screensaver will start.
4- Close the Terminal (black) window, or click on the screensaver (the Terminal window will disappear) and press Escape. This will end the screensaver. The screensaver setup window will be shown and the screensaver installed in step 3 will be selected. Note that since all the three screensavers are in the same folder "ScreenSavers", all three are now installed and can be selected from the drop-down menu.
5- Select your favourite screensaver, click OK and enjoy it. No extra options are currently available for the screensavers.

Note: if the screensaver cannot be unlocked by moving the mouse, click on the screensaver and press Escape.

You can uninstall the screensavers following these instructions:
1- Right-click on your desktop and select Properties to access the display properties. You can access the same window through the Control Panel.
2- In the tab Screen Saver, select a screensaver that is not one of the three provided, and click OK.
3- Now that the screensavers are "free" from Windows, you can delete the folder "ScreenSavers" from your hard drive. Windows will not allow you to delete this folder if one of the screensaver is selected.